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Bones Season 8 DVD Box Set

Bones Season 8 DVD Box Set
Bones Season 8 DVD Box Set Bones Season 8 DVD Box Set Bones Season 8 DVD Box Set Bones Season 8 DVD Box Set Bones Season 8 DVD Box Set
Bones Season 8 DVD Box Set Bones Season 8 DVD Box Set Bones Season 8 DVD Box Set Bones Season 8 DVD Box Set Bones Season 8 DVD Box Set
Bones Season 8 DVD Box Set Bones Season 8 DVD Box Set Bones Season 8 DVD Box Set Bones Season 8 DVD Box Set Bones Season 8 DVD Box Set

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New Release: Bones Seasons 1-8 DVD


Weight: 0.48 Kg
Minimum Purchase: 1
Condition: New
Boxed Set: Yes
Display Format: Wide Screen
Bones Season 8 DVD Special Features
Name: Bones
Genre: Drama | Crime
No. of Season: Season: 8
Discs: 8
Created by: Vince Gilligan
Actors: Emily Deschanel
David Boreanaz
Michaela Conlin
Eric Millegan
T. J. Thyne
Jonathan Adams
Tamara Taylor
John Francis Daley
Year of Release: 2012
Video Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
Audio Format: Dolby Digital 5.1 - English
Region: 1,2,4,5
Language: English(Removable Subtitles)

Bones DVD Season 8 dvd with the high expectations from the viewers is available now,in this season,Brennan has to clear her own crimes to return to the police it easy for her to help herself out? Pelant,the series killer with incredible high IQ play the mouse and cat game in Bones,in the season 8,if all his tricks can be announced game over?all these seem a mystery,however,with the latest modern detective theory and devices,i think the crimes must can be clearified,but what i can't sure is that whether the love between Brennan and Booth can draw a conclusion.all these need your discovery at Bones season 8 dvd,now we entertainwho offer the lowest price atAU $21.99 ONLY and 24 hours within dispatches, just come to entertainwho to enjoy the Bones Season 8 dvd !!!

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bones season 8 dvd bones season 8 dvd set
Hot FAQs

Q1:What is bones season 8 dvd about?
 I am a very fresh starter viewer of bones season 8 dvd,i would evalue whether i should start viewing or not.

A1:Bones is the American fox Broadcasting Company crime theme TV series launched in 2005.The play as part of a series of detective novels adapted from before criminal inspection officer,it tells a story about a Female doctor Brennan,who is a criminal inspection experts,good at finding broken Eucalyptusclues from the remains of the victims in bones season 8 dvd.The FBI in the flesh decays completely found only not identifiable bones victim,often turn to and her team for help.

Q2:How should i watch bones season 8?
 I used to watch it on television,however,it is a suffering for me to wait it once a week.any good ways for me to enjoy my loved bones season 8?

A2:It is true that watching the show on tv is a time comsuming thing,for saving time and get the show deeper,it is recommended that watching bones season  8 on dvd is a good choice anyway,dvd can offer you a vivid sight effect,true sound ,all of which take the viewers a happy journey when enjoying the show~~ by viewing bones season 8 dvd,a plesant  journey will enjoy through.

Q3:Is bones season 8 dvd worthy of watching?
 I am a very fresh start viewer of bones,i have missed the previous seasons,now,i would start viewing the tv from the bones season 8 dvd,i am puzzling about the tv yet.

A3:As we all is not that easy for an american show to renewed to its eighth season,let alone bones make it,FOX has announced that season 9 of bones is coming soon in  2013,in addition to the excceeds seasons we have known from the media,bones season 8 dvd plots itself is an attraction for the viewer's eyeballs,in the very first scene,we can enjoy  the new appearance of angala with smart and beautiful matter the plots or the cast in bones season 8 dvd,which all can provide the viewers a relish for eyes and ears.

Q4:Is there a“The But in the Joke” in bones season 8 dvd?
 I can just slightly remembered something like The But in the Joke in bones,it is a pure name or something else,that is a bit confused for me .

A4:In Bones Season 8 dvd,the Episode 8 named The But in the Joke,in this episode,in the very episode of bones season 8 dvd,you will see Booth accept case about an actor is murdered.booth and Brennan accept nicknamed the artery artisan ashore to the charcoal “Michelangelo”though he will not acquaint them his name. As Booth deduces, he was putting up his art in advance if he tripped over his bucket, which fell first, arch to him accepting stuck.this episode is full of funny factors,which can amuse the actors in a variety sides of bones season 8 dvd.

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New Reviews
By: Kos****
in my eyes,the eighth season is the best in its previous seasons,i hope just in the bones season 8,booth and brennan's love can have a happy ending,i hope so!

Thank you very much and we garanteen that our products have perfect quality!
By: Bre****
haha! i choose Brennan as my username in many sites registers,she is my idle,bones is my favorite crime theme show !EXCELLET!i found this company always offer the cheapest price for customers,and i have experienced their excellent customer good!thanks ~

Thank you very much and we hope you happy shopping here!
By: phy****
i like shopping here,the site always provides the cheapest dvds but with good quality here!the shipping speed is amazing,in all,i am satisfied with the dvd and service here!

Thank you very much and we hope you happy shopping here!
By: bel***
a classical show now,i skipped several seasons,it is a little regret for me,when i consult the customer service,they patiently solve my puzzles,finally i made the decisoion to get the 8th season bones,just in the 5th day,i received my dvd,one word:good service,good dvd!

Thank you very much and we garanteen that our products have perfect quality!
By: kat***
bones is a must see show i suppose!i love bones in the show,she is a perfect and beautiful woman in my eye,the dvd makes the visual and sound more appealing,aha,the most encouraged is the dvd comes to me so timely!if bones season 9 dvd is out,plz send me a message,thanks!

thank you very much for your feedback,we will do our best to serve our customer well!
By: zol****
i bought the dvd for my friend,he told me yesterday he received the box set,and has enjoyed several episodes,he did not straightly tell me wheteher he likes it or not,haha,judging from the confident voice of sharing plots with me,i am sure the gift is a great succss!recommend the shop~

thank you for your precious feedback,we are doing our best to offer the best service,hope you a nice shopping in our site
By: pen***
good dvd itself,wonderful plots in bones ,i am a fan of the show~~i love and support the bones season 8

By: kar***
I received the bones season 8 dvd within 5 days,that is really amazing for me,so speedy in shipping,i have viewed several episodes of the show,fantastic plots and the screen effect is perfect~~~good!!

By: cot***
according to bones can find clues?a puzzle for me ,after watching the tv,i begin to admire Booth and Bones,though it is not often can be seen in real life ,the show is great,it stands for the minds of writter and producer,i appreciate the show itself~~ besides,dvd makes bones more available and comfortable when enjoying in the coach~~

By: ter*****
beyond my expectations,the dvd comes so speedy,since i place my order,i tracked the shipping,for my busy working,the dvds arrives two days ahead of my schedule~~the parcel is well designed and in good conditions ~~ haha ,now i can enjoy the show in my coach with eaze~~

By: jey*******
I have to say,Female doctor Brennan is really a superwoman,she is is the true idle in my eyes, such a criminal inspection experts,so good at finding broken Eucalyptus clues from the remains of the god,that is all i can't imagine, The Federal Bureau of investigation often have to apply help from her wonderful the show is!!!i love the show,i love the dvd, haha,such a short time from placing order to get the parcel,thank the seller's gift,love it!

By: Pat******
If you have enjoyed Bones seasons one through seven, you will love this most recent season. It is nice to see the next generation! Bones Season 8 DVD Box Set has perfect quality.

By: Har***
Great Quality. Love this season. If you have not started your collection, and love solving long lost bones, this is for you.Bones is a funny - yet serious way of looking at death.I have learned a trick or two from these series.

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