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Sons of Anarchy DVD:Seasons 1-6 Box Set

Sons of Anarchy DVD:Seasons 1-6 Box Set
Sons of Anarchy DVD:Seasons 1-6 Box Set Sons of Anarchy DVD:Seasons 1-6 Box Set Sons of Anarchy DVD:Seasons 1-6 Box Set Sons of Anarchy DVD:Seasons 1-6 Box Set Sons of Anarchy DVD:Seasons 1-6 Box Set

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Sons of Anarchy DVD Seasons 1-6 Special Features
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Name: Sons of Anarchy
Genre: Drama | Crime | Action
No. of Season: Season: 1,2,3,4,5,6
Discs: Coming Soon
Created by: Kurt Sutter
Actors: Charlie Hunnam
Katey Sagal
Mark Boone Junior
Dayton Callie
Kim Coates
Tommy Flanagan
Ryan Hurst
Johnny Lewis
William Lucking
Year of Release: 2008
Video Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
Audio Format: Dolby Digital 5.1 - English
Region: 1,2,4,5
Language: English(Removable Subtitles)

Sons of Anarchy DVD Season 1 Plot: Season 1 starts when a rival club cleans out and then destroys their illegal arms warehouse, SAMCRO executes their own sense of justice in retrieving their guns. Meanwhile, family issues take center stage with a medical emergency involving Jax Teller's newborn son,the troubles are just beginning for the club.

Sons of Anarchy DVD Season 2 Plot: Following season 1 sons of anarchy final,the club divided in the wake of Donna's death, then Clay sets up a new gun deal with the IRA. Meanwhile, a white separatist group takes root in Charming and threatens more than just Samcro's control over Charming. The L.O.A.N gang kidnaps and rapes Gemma and tells her to stop Samcro from selling guns to blacks and other non-white gangs.some conflicts from sides are approaching!

Sons of Anarchy DVD Season 3 Plot: The aftermath of Abel's kidnapping has the Sons reeling, especially Jax; in sons of anarchy season 3,Gemma will get hit with some unexpected news from her past. Stahl continues with her coverup while Tara finds it difficult to return to work. Cameron makes it back home.

Sons of Anarchy DVD Season 4 Plot: Jax, Clay and the other SAMCRO members will release from prison after 14 months for federal weapon charges and return to Charming,Attorney who set up a secret task force to shut down the club's gunrunning operation. Opie and Lyla get married in a ceremony on an Indian reservation, while the Sons sever their ties to the Russian Mob. Jax proposes to Tara and reveals his desire to leave the Sons of Anarchy.

Sons of Anarchy DVD Season 5 Plot: In Sons of Anarchy’s fifth season,enormous changes in the makeup of SAMCRO,Jax had replaced Clay, Bobby was Jax’s right hand man instead of the volatile Tig who supported Clay’s moves, Jax and Tara were happily getting married, and Opie was around. As things progressed and Jax and Clay maneuvered their way in and out of deals,all the steps are not as setted pace.In other words, it was another excellent season in sons of anarchy history.

Sons of Anarchy DVD Season 6 Plot: iIn sons of anarchy season 6,Jimmy Smits will be returning for all 13 episodes of season 6 and will be billed as a series regular. Donal Logue is also expected to appear in at least 5 episodes this season as one of the main antagonists, Lee Toric, whose sister was a nurse killed by Sutter's character, Otto Delaney. Season six will premiere on September 10, 2013 and will contain thirteen episodes.

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sons of anarchy seasons 1-6 dvd set sons of anarchy dvd seasons 1-6
Hot FAQs

Q1:When will Sons of Anarchy Season 6 premiered?
the official confirmed that the Sons of Anarchy season 6 will premiere in fall 2013 on the cable network FX in the United States and will contain thirteen episodes. I am definitely an SOA fan,till now I have viewed Sons of Anarchy Seasons 1-5 dvd,the show is so exciting that i would like to keep viewing the sixth season.

A1:The official has confirmed that Sons of Anarchy Seasons 1-6 dvd is returning in 2013 fall on the cable network FX in the United States and the sixth will contain thirteen episodes.till then the latest Sons of Anarchy dvd will meet you on time as well,just look forward to it any way~~

Q2:Are the actors the same with the previous seasons?
as we all konw,SOA has renewed so many seasons,from the very first season to the previous season 5,not a big change in casts.whether season 6 will win a change in its actors?

A2:in season 6 sons of anarchy dvd,the main cast merely remains the same,these actors will go on take us a wonderful SOA show,besides,Recurring Guest Stars are included in the show,the cast must will be an attraction for the eyeballs!

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