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Vikings Season 1 DVD Box Set

Vikings Season 1 DVD Box Set
Vikings Season 1 DVD Box Set Vikings Season 1 DVD Box Set Vikings Season 1 DVD Box Set Vikings Season 1 DVD Box Set Vikings Season 1 DVD Box Set
Vikings Season 1 DVD Box Set Vikings Season 1 DVD Box Set Vikings Season 1 DVD Box Set Vikings Season 1 DVD Box Set Vikings Season 1 DVD Box Set
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Condition: New
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Display Format: Wide Screen
Vikings Season 1 DVD Special Features
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Name: Vikings
Genre: Drama
No. of Season: Season: 1
Discs: 5
Created by: Michael Hirst
Actors: Travis Fimmel
Clive Standen
Gabriel Byrne
Katheryn Winnick
Jessalyn Gilsig
George Blagden
Gustaf Skarsgård
Donal Logue
Year of Release: 2013
Video Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
Audio Format: Dolby Digital 5.1 - English
Region: 1,2,4,5
Language: English(Removable Subtitles)
Vikings Season 1 DVD is describing the story of Vikings in their golden age with their agressive ambitions conqured the northern European area.Vikings are natured with looting and expanding on the ocean,who were named Northmanvikings.vikings season 1 dvd will lead you to see the what the vikings' lifestyle is like,how they trade,and never lack of the most attracting splendid exploring and invasion activities of Vikings!more over,the breathtaking landscape in Ireland with the grand scenes can all attact your eyeballs and minds .....In Vikings season 1 finale,Ragnar Lothbrok will head away to negotiate peace with king Horik and Jarl Brog for over a land dispute, while on the other hand, his daughter was at homeland suffering a sudden and deadly plauge. Will this negotiation work? Will his daugher survive? If interested, welcome to entertainwho for complete Vikings season 1 dvd box set.
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vikings season 1 dvd
Hot FAQs

Q1: Is Vikings Season 1 dvd based on some kind of tale?
Yes! Vikings season 1 dvd is inspired by the tales about the legendary Vikings chieftain Ragnar Lodbrok and his crew and family. It describes Ragnar as a Vikings farmer who pioneers the first daring raids into Britain with the support of fellow warriors, his brother Rollo, and his wife, the shieldmaiden Lagertha.

Q2: Where is Vikings Season 1 dvd filmed,the landscape in it is so breathtaking?
Vikings season 1 dvd is filmed in Ireland and 70% of the Vikings first season was filmed outdoors: Vikings ongship scenes were filmed at Luggala, in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains.Some Vikings additional background shots were done in Western Norway.The beautiful scene in Vikings season 1 dvd is a another way to capture its audiences.

Q3:Will there be a season 2 of Vikings of history channels? I have gone through Vikings season 1 dvd,amazing show!
Yes,definately.History has renewed Vikings season 1 dvd for a sencond season for a ten-episode on April 5,2013.And two new  Vikings series regulars were announced on June 11, 2013, Alexander Ludwig as teenage Björn and Linus Roache as King Egbert of Wessex. They once stared The Hunger Games and Law & Order separately.

Q4:Who is prince Aslaug in Vikings season 1 dvd in history?
Aslaug appeared in episode 9 of Vikings season 1 dvd.  According to the thirteenth-century Saga of Ragnar L

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New Reviews
By: adm*******
cheap is the first reason i bought here,however the dvd is in good qualilty and played smoothly in my player. if season 2 come out,plz inform me.

thank you for your feedback,wish you a happy shopping here!
By: Zel***
before buying,i hesited about both the show and the dvd,but when i received the dvd, i can't wait to open it and viewed five episodes without a halt,all the discs played well and the scenery is really great!

thank you very much for your feedback,we are doing our best to ensure our products in good quality!
By: Bis***
the show is great,just as the description introduce,the dvd is cheap but with good quality,i am happy shopping here!

thank you for your feedback,wish you a happy shopping here!
By: Vic***
born and raised in Iceland we started learning about our history at nine years old,by viewing the show,i know more about that,the story is not a documentary one but more fictional is woven masterfully into the will doomed a successful one!

thank you for your sharing,expecting your next shopping here
By: pet****
Fascinating history knowledge,much more easier to absorb than reading a book. By the way,nice scenery in Ireland.

By: Par*******
A group savages leaded by a great leader and all the adventurous stories in the beautiful Ireland.Not Bad! Looking forward to Vikings season 2.

By: tin****
I have to say this shopping is quite a bargain:good dvd with low price.Besides,Vikings season one include good fighting,romantic love,brotherhood and beautiful scenery,highly recommended.

By: Ali*******
From a farmer to a great warrior,Ragnar Lodbrok is so admirable!I really recommend all of you to watch this show!

By: lon*****
too violent for me, if you like to watch violence, this drama is a good choice. the dvd can give you a perfect experience during watching for it's widescreen and clear images.

By: Par***
Excellent history show. It has been a long time since i watched this kind history drama. It didn't let me down. Excellent!

By: Mol**
After watching this serie,i feel like being to Ireland before-What a beautiful country! And the quality of the box set is good enough,worth it.

By: Mik***
The show had my full attention and i am most impressed by the amazing scenery and dynamic actions. Also, i kind of like to explore history ever since,it's good for me.

By: Dam****
The landscape of Ireland is breathtaking and so is the storyline. And a cozy way to get a glimpse of cultural heritage.Just Love,Love it!

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